E&P Companies In & Looking to Enter The:

  •     Brown Dense
  •     New Albany
  •     Chainman
  •     Eaglebine
  •     Pearsall
  •     Lower Sunniland Shale
  •     Desmoinesian Shale
  •     Tuscaloosa Shale
  •     Woodford Oil Play
  •     Monterey & Californian Shale Plays
  •     Wolfcamp
  •     Mississippi Lime Play

As Well As:

  • US Oil & Gas Majors
  • Global Oil & Gas Investors
  • Government Bodies

With The Following Job Titles:

CEOs, COOs and VPs, Directors, Managers, Team Leads & Chiefs Of...

  • Exploration
  • New ventures
  • Geology
  • Geosciences
  • Petrophysics
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Development
  • Engineering
  • Completions
  • Drilling
  • Production
  • Business Development


  • Seismic & Core Analysis Companies
  • Reservoir Characterization Labs
  • Geo-Modelling Software Systems Companies
  • Microseismic Companies
  • Geo-steering tools
  • Reserve Estimation Companies
  • Reservoir engineering consultants
  • Hydraulic Fracturing & Completion Technology Suppliers
  • Key Industry Laboratory & Analysis Firms
  • Market & Economic Analysts
  • Environmental Consultancies
  • Research & Development Institutes & Universities
  • Investment Firms
  • Water Treatment/ Management
  • Research & Development Institutes & Universities
  • Pressure Pumping Firms
  • Directional Drilling Companies
  • Drilling Fluids Suppliers
  • Downhole Tools Suppliers


"Liked the new ideas and practical experience discussions"


"Liked the new ideas and practical experience discussions"


The Brand New Features That This Year's Emerging Shale Plays USA Congress Will Deliver To Delegates:

  • NEW FRONTIER PLAYS: Since last year, there have been a number of hot new plays that have caught the eyes and resources of the keenest new ventures executives including the Brown Dense, New Albany, Chainman, Eaglebine, Pearsall, Lower Sunniland and Desmoinesian. Exploration data and IPs from these plays will, for the first time, be delivered in a conference format.
  • NEW E&P SPEAKERS: This year we are hosting brand new speakers from companies operating in these plays including Newfield Exploration, Goodrich Petroleum, Sunrise E&P, Longfellow Energy, Blackbrush Oil & Gas, Petro River Oil, EP Energy, Vision Exploration and more.
  • PRODUCTION UPDATES : This year, not only is Emerging Shale Plays USA going to look at the hottest new plays on the market, it is also going to assess new results from the hottest plays covered at Emerging Shale Plays USA 2012, to evaluate how those plays are living up, falling short, or even exceeding expected production potential
  • SOURCE ROCK ANALYSIS WORKSHOP: This year we have introduced a brand new workshop on how to identify commercially viable plays based on rock analysis. The workshop will show delegates how to analyze source rocks when measuring the producibility of reservoirs based on tried and tested techniques.

Emerging Shale Plays USA 2013 will bring together leading operators and experts from each of the hottest emerging plays, to share recent geological data, drilling and completions success stories, identified risks and production results from the following plays:

  • Brown Dense
  • New Albany
  • Chainman
  • Eaglebine
  • Pearsall
  • Lower Sunniland Shale
  • Desmoinesian Shale

It will then take a look at some of the shale plays that were examined at Emerging Shale Plays USA 2012 to determine whether or not production results from the last year have proven the following emerging plays to be economically viable:

  • Tuscaloosa
  • Wolfcamp
  • Monterey & Californian Shale Oil Plays
  • Woodford Oil Play
  • Mississippi Lime play

Emerging Shale Plays USA is the most established new shale opportunities forum in the USA and has been designed this year to deliver the exact data operators need to attain early bird advantage in America's hottest shale plays.

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